fucking hell

This made me freak out so much my whole body tensed up and I got a leg cramp

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I don’t like how this world runs and works. Everything’s so great too everyone else, it just doesn’t feel the same for me. Ever..  I just wanna do the complete opposite of everyone, Because everyone does the same thing and its lame, like are they even really happy? are they blind? or are they happy because everyone else is doing it and they think that’s how it should be? Everyone’s walking south. Well ya know what? I wanna walk north.. I wish we lived in a world with more people who feel the same way. No trends, no hate, no “yolo” or “swag” or any shit like that. I want a place that truly feels magical. Some music sounds good but people live their life by it and its not right. They should live their life by the music with meaning. Our country is sad and stupid. I hate it. A lot. “Land of the free and home of the brave” my ass, more like land of what the government says we can and can’t do and home of the scared and soul-less. We’re all basically zombies already.. it scares me that this world is like this. I wonder if it’s different in other Countrys. Or maybe its just this sad excuse of what use too be the greatest country known to man.


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